Why brands should go for Influencer Marketing?

Influencing is a phenomenon that has seen a significant rise in the digital world in the past decade, thanks to all the social media platforms that brought people closer to the people and celebrities they looked up to for inspiration. Influencing also played a key role for businesses, opening the doors to millions of viewers, thereby proving to be an efficient and profitable way of expanding through the digital medium.

Be it the high tier celebrities, prominent YouTubers, food & fashion bloggers, activists, travellers, each and every single one of them acts as a vital influencer to their respective followers and audience. When it comes to reaching out to large scale audience, influencer marketing is a significant way of achieving that goal.

Influencers who have established themselves profoundly on their social media platforms tend to have plenty of followers who have placed their trust in their way of living and lifestyle and draw inspiration and influence from them. Brands that look forward to spread their business and services have started approaching influencers to do the marketing on their behalf as this gives the company an effective way of reaching large audiences and also take the benefit of influence that influencers have on their followers.

Mentioned below are the 5 main aspects of Influencer Marketing and how brands benefit from it:

  1. Audience Reach:

Influencers occupy the top tier spots on all major social media platforms with millions of followers with many drawing inspiration and influence from them. Brands who opt for marketing through influencers get to reach a large audience and with the level of trust that influencers have amongst their followers, it automatically gets transferred to the brand that they are promoting, making brands easy to gain mainstream media attention.

2. Building Trust:

Trust is the only bridge between the brands and its audience that ensures its relevance and longevity. When opting for different marketing methods, it takes time for brands to gain traction as developing trust is a long term process which slowly increases the number of loyal followers for that particular brand. By adopting Influencer Marketing, brands get a chance to speed up that process as those particular influencers have loyal audience and them promoting a brand paves a way for the audience to also try out that brand, thereby allowing them to put their trust in the brand.

3. Eliminating the Risk Factor:

The first and foremost thing that a person takes into consideration before opting for a particular brand is the risk factor that lies behind it. People who choose to invest time and money in a brand usually are less in numbers. But influencer marketing changes this scenario as the influencers have already established solid relations with their followers. Brands opting for marketing through such influencers also gain access to their audience’s trust thereby proving to be efficient.

4. Higher Rate of Engagement:

Engagement is a very important ingredient when it comes to growing on social media platforms. Due to the algorithm of social media platforms preferring posts that have a higher rate of clicks, likes and comments tends to be counted as an engaging post. Brands who look forward to get their marketing also reach higher engagement rates opt for Influencer Marketing as it helps them gain access to more likes, clicks, and thereby acquiring a higher rate of engagement towards their brand.

5. Conversion Rate:

The end target of any marketing campaign is the conversion rate. A higher conversion rate proves that the particular marketing strategy has been effective. Influencer marketing is a great tool for brands in order to achieve higher conversion rates as this is the age d digital media uploads. People who sign up to a brand, avail their services or

shop are more likely to post in on social media tagging the particular influencers who carried out the brand promotion. This also increases the reach of the brand as more and more people get attracted towards the brand thereby proving influencer marketing to be a vital aspect of a brand’s growth.

How to target different Influencers based on your marketing?

Due to the expansion of the digital world in the past 2 decades, the number of influencers having mainstream media presence has also seen a significant rise. Each and every field or career has a list of top tier influencers having major audiences on their respective social media platforms. Brands who intend to take the route of Influencer Marketing can choose from a number of “Types of Influencers”. They are as follows:

  1. Most Significant Influencers (Mega):

People who are top-tier celebrities such as artists, athletes, actors and have an average range of followers between 1M-5M on their social media platforms are considered to be the most significant personalities.

2. Upcoming Prominent Influencers (Macro):

This tier of influencers comprises of the highest trending YouTubers, gamers, and social media influencers are considered to be prominent influencers and have an average range of followers between 500K-1M on their social media platforms.

3. Small-scale influencers (Micro):

These influencers comprise of prominent bloggers, activists, freelancers, chefs, etc. and have an average range of followers below 100K.

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